Shopping Online : How Can It be useful to Choose the Perfume?

How Can It be useful to Choose the Perfume?The perfume as a distinctive signature of mystery and discovery reflects one’s personality and reveals his temperament, making us searching for the best to suit our preferences. That’s why the designers compete to show their skills in the world of beauty to please all the tastes. Shopping online is one of the important services which become popular because of the ease of browsing the net so as to look for the suitable prices , the high quality and freedom of choice, then within a week or less you can find your request in front of the house. That’s why shopping online is considered as the most prominent benefits to the users offered by the internet. However not all the sites can offer you the pleasure of shopping. Therefore to buy the perfume , it is necessary to know where and how you can get your it as easily as possible.


There are some important steps to browse the internet for shopping your perfume online:


As you know the world of internet is extensive , you need to use a safe system to browse the websites. So as not to be lost in this worldwide, search for a particular perfume with determined and basic informations as the brand, price and the size. Look for the sites which are well known and have a good reputation in the world of marketing online such as Amazon. You need to be careful in making your transaction as also in the web you can face some deceitful tricks.


Before buying the perfume online , make your research on the net to compare the perfume shops. Search for the best deals and discounts without forgetting to bear in mind that there are some websites which look for the profits by presenting some imitative. Find out about the company online. Make sure of the delivery and return policies. Search for the protection data privacy. Protect your data card when you want to give informations about your bank account . Make sure that your transaction is legitimate by learning online about the facts of payment and adventure with money.


Actually, shopping online to choose your perfume offers you a special enjoyment by taking quietly the decision of purchasing the product and by giving you the occasion to evaluate it with other competitors through specific windows. Just follow the previous guidelines to get rid of any fears to shop with confidence.


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How To Distinguish Between Original Perfume and Imitation


How To Distinguish Between Original Perfume and ImitationSearching for the best perfume of certain brand, makes many people falling into the trap of commercial fraud, thinking that only  the price difference of the perfume can evaluate its originality and quality as the world of perfume is an easy field to be penetrated  and  difficult to discover the fraud, especially when the fragrance smells nice and good. It becomes more difficult when you find some perfumes bottles are of dark glass , depriving you of seeing what is inside. So to know how to distinguish between original and imitation, you only need to follow these instructions.


  1. Check the plastic outer covering that covers the fragrance bottle, make sure of thickness and of its method of packing, usually the big manufacturers of perfumes intend to add a red ribbon to facilitate the process of opening the plastic covering, do the same with the cartoonish cover.


  1. Try to pay attention to the clarity and the manner of printing the outer text and to the use of colors to what extent they are combined as the famous companies do their best to perfect their skills to design the best perfumes.


  1. Check the serial number if it is printed or jaust stuck.


  1. Shake the bottle of perfume and watch the bubbles if it removed slowly it means that the fragrance is original, but if it removed easily , it is a sign of the falsity of the perfume.


  1. Verify the sprinkler and the tube which is linked to, if it is stretched along the bottle or not.


  1. Try to sprinkle a little of fragrance on a small piece of clothing or on the back of the hand and observe if there is any effect. Normally the original perfume doesn’t affect.


  1. It is known that the original perfumes are characterized by its lasting and intensity meanwhile after using the imitation, you notice the change of the scent especially when it interacts with air and heat.


  1. It is necessary to know how to distinguish between Perfume, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Perfume and Eau De Cologne:


–  Perfume is the best because most of its components are of essential oils and it lasts more than 12 hours


– Eau De Toilette contains 8% of essential oils and lasts 4 hours.


– Eau De Perfume contains 25% of essential oils , it lasts 8 hours


– Eau De Cologne conatins 5% and lasts only 2 hours.


At last if you take in consideration all these instructions , be sure that you will safely shop to get your best perfume without being afraid of commercial fraud.

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How To Use Fragrance?

How To Use FragranceThe world of perfume is full of secrets and conceptions, that each one who is looking for joining it needs to understand how to deal with fragrance on one hand so as not to be deceived, avoiding the negative effects of fraud,  and on the other hand to know how to use the perfume as it could be original but the wrong way of wearing the fragrance makes the wearer thinking that he has bought a fake perfume. So to have an impressive signature in the world of beauty, you need to penetrate into the essence of fragrance to reveal its secrets.


The right ways of wearing a perfume

Firstly, to enjoy the lasting of the beautiful scent, it is important to know where you should sprinkle the fragrance. The pulse places such as the neck, the wrist and behind ears help so much the spread of the perfume. Secondly it is necessary to choose the fragrance according to the season as it is better to wear a fragrance with light scent of fruity and floral notes in the day and in summer in order to be refreshed  and to use the strong one at night and in winter to add you a warm touch.

Don’t forget to choose the perfume that suits your taste, as it is not necessarily what others admire may please you. Don’t link your choice only to your liking television advertising or to the famous brands, you may find perfumes which are not well known are more wonderful than the ones from the famous brands.

Try to avoid spraying perfumes close to sensitive areas as the face and the eyes. It is better to wear accessories first and then sprinkle the fragrance as it could affect its color or alter its characteristics. If the perfume contains essential oils, don’t spray it on the clothes as it can appear some spots which will be difficult to get rid of.

If you feel some undesirable effects on the skin such as redness or itching , it is obligatory to to stop wearing the perfume even you like it as it is a sign of not being suitable to you. When you sprinkle the fragrance, try not to rub it so as not that its lasting will be reduced. To have a special effect on your body , it’s preferable to use a body cream or lotion before spraying the fragrance. Finally, it’s advisable to put the perfume in a dark place away from light in order not to lose its characteristics.

How to choose the appropriate perfume

How to choose the appropriate perfumeTo create a special aura , to gratify the desire of being distinctive and attractive, to grace the beauty with a charming touch. The world of perfumes can translate all these ambitions to reality, you only need to know how to take the right decision and to make the perfect choice. Choosing the fragrance is considered as a reflection of one’s personality and an expression of one’s mood. The different nature of each person requires the variety of perfumes to please all the tastes, that’s why it is important to choose the suitable fragrance for you, knowing that the scents are strongly linked to one’s expertise and his experience. So try to identify the appropriate perfume which suits your taste, making you full of vigor and vitality.


But how can you discover the best perfume for you?


Firstly your inclination to a specific scent can widely help you to choose your perfume, whether you lean to the floral smell, or to the fruity , citrus scent or to a refreshing breeze coming from the sea or air. However when you shop to buy the suitable perfume, you often face the problem of mixing scents as the selection process is mostly known by trying and spraying several fragrances at the same time, in this case it’s hard to get an accurate idea of the perfume because of the mixing smells, then the choice will be coincidentally based on the first impression. Therefore it is best to spray a number of perfumes on the papers allocated to fragrances experience not on the clothes as this can reduce the ability to sniff the smell well. Then set aside for some time to distinguish and judge carefully the scent.


Not only the scents which fascinate the women but the design of the bottles captured as well their minds. So the choice of the bottle evidently reflects one’s taste and personality. As the combination of different colors at once with the skillful selection of distinctive shapes lead the fragrance bottle to be as a masterpiece that endows the place with a beautiful touch.


The appropriate use of the perfume in the suitable time.


The perfume experts advise to use the light perfume of floral scent as jasmine and of a few alcohol in the morning. In the evening you can use any kind of strong perfume.  The seasons also play a major role in determining your choice as the composition of the offered perfumes differ from a season to another. In summer the majority of consumers lean to the fragrances which are characterized by its high intensity, that’s why the experts advise to use natural scents of roses and jasmine; they are best for summer. Meanwhile in winter is advisable to wear the perfumes of strong and spicy scents as they give a certain warmth in this cold season.

How to get the best perfume?

Actually the task of choosing the suitable and the best perfume isn’t so easy as we imagine as there are multiple types of perfumes on the market, causing the confusion to women which certianly affect their decision to buy the fragrance that can satisfy their taste, fit their personality and impress the people. Let’s get rid of  this bewilderment by knowing more about the world of perfume to facilitate for you the choice of your best perfume.


The characteristics of the perfume :

How to get the best perfumeThe perfume composed of water, alcohol and aromatic oil. The fragrance whose components contain the aromatherapy oils , is the most requested and used. That’s why you ought to look for a perfume that fits your personality:

If you are looking for a mysterious touch and a smooth impression: the urban scents of musk, sandalwood and amber provide you with a soothing smell to attract people.

To have a pure expression of femininity , there is none than the floral scents of roses, tulips and jasmine can offer you this sense. Try to avoid the artificial and strong smelling flowers.

Savour the real fun of your personality with the citrus scents of oranges, lemons and tangerine which add your elegance a unique refreshing and attractive touch.

If you desire the tender scents , try the refreshing ones of green tea ,peach coconut and kiwi.


Perfume and its interaction with your body and your personality

Choosing the perfume which fits your body and your personality depends on some important factors such as the type of the skin : if you have a dry skin, you should take in consideration that it absorbs the oils in the perfume that ‘s why the scent disappears quickly meanwhile the oily one preserved more the smell of the fragrance. The age is also playing an interesting role in the perfume choice as the young girls fit them the fragrance designed from flowers .The older women fit them the stronger one. The perfumes which are based on green herbs suit the sportive and dynamic persons.

It is necessary to know that the psychological condition has an effective role on the work of the perfume which affects directly the olfactory nerves. So don’t put the perfume if you are nervous or suffer from a certain pressure.

The perfume is a sensual reflection of the women personality. Those who wear the fragrance of floral scents are characterized by their quietness. The women who are joyful  look for the fruity smells . The spicy scents are mostly chosen by strong and brave women. The musky perfumes offer a passionate and refined touch to their wearers.


When you find the suitable fragrance to your chemical body and the best for your personality. Sprinkle a small amount of the perfume on your wrists. As the pulse points are the warmest areas in the body which helps the smell of the perfume to be better distributed and allows it to combine harmoniously with the body.